Venice 2014

In October 2014, I travelled to Venice with my school, it was a truly fascinating place to visit, it being the city on the water after all. My photos from this trip vary greatly, some are of the stunning reflections caused by puddles formed on the ground, some are playing around with long exposure photography, and many are photos that I found interesting in some way or another. From the vibrant colours visible throughout the city, to the picturesque views from St. Mark’s Campanile, everywhere I looked seemed to provide a new photo opportunity.

Here are some of my favourites:

_MG_7471 _MG_7482 _MG_7490 _MG_7498 _MG_7534 _MG_7646 _MG_7759 _MG_7849 _MG_7899 _MG_7901 IMG_7256 IMG_7280 IMG_7307 IMG_7342 IMG_7371 IMG_7417 IMG_7433 IMG_7919 IMG_7959 IMG_7960