New York 2013

In October 2013, I travelled with my school to New York. Though this was a few years ago, the trip has certainly stuck with me, and it really triggered my interest in photography, outside of what I had already been doing in my GCSE artwork.  Unfortunately, as I was not actually studying photography at this point, the image quality is quite poor. However, it was good enough for me to use in some Photoshop work (something which I did do later in my AS project), and resulted in me creating some really unusual pieces. For this reason, I have decided to include it on this website, as due to New York being renowned for art and culture, it resulted in me taking many, many photos, which did work well when it came to editing.

Some of my favourites are displayed below:

 IMG_0356 copy IMG_0552 copy

 IMG_0334 copy


  IMG_0459copy IMG_0275 copy copy