Data Visualisations

I wanted to look at the way in which graphic design can be used as the focal point of various websites, so after searching around, I came across The purpose of airbnb itself is to encourage ordinary people to open their homes to travellers for a place to stay. This means that travellers are able to stay in truly unique places, dependent on what the host is offering, as well as allowing them to stay in more remote parts of the world – but wherever you go, they want you to ‘feel at home, anywhere in the world’. Their purpose is to connect people, encouraging them to form new friendships with people all around the world. It also helps people to make money, as by joining airbnb, and offering a place to stay, you can determine what price you see as fit to charge. It is a very clever and successful idea, as the video you watch on opening the webpage explains, and the message of which is conveyed extremely well through the website.

The link, is not actually their main website, it is a branch of it, which showcases their current activity (the main website is, however this is the part that I have chosen to focus on. This website engages you from the start with a YouTube clip outlining their aim, what they do and how successful they have been so far. The clip itself is simple with little text, showing enough that you don’t lose interest, but still fully grasp their message. On finishing the video, you are told what is going on today and large cartoon-like globe appears on your screen. The bright colours used draws your attention to it, and gives it a friendly feel. The fact that it is designed in an almost cartoon style, with little cartoon images of iconic landmarks to outline destinations, adds to the idea that the purpose of this page is to tell you their ‘story’, and this style, alongside these images conveys that well.

I really like that the page is interactive: how you are able to spin the globe around, as though you are travelling yourself. Also, I think it stresses their message further, as you do get this feeling of inclusivity; that anyone can join and be a part of it all.

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