Alternative Movie Posters


As a small research project, I decided to study some alternative movie posters. All were quite minimal in their design, but still made a great impact. The first one I looked at was the ‘Dirty Harry’ poster. This was a simplistic, subtle design, using the bold colours of orange and black for the majority of the design, with a faded black used on the facial features included in the poster. I liked how the poster gives a slight indication as to what the film itself is about, and this use of the negative space, with the gun, an iconic police weapon (hinting at the story), as an outline to the main character’s face (Clint Eastwood), is incredibly clever, as it is not instantly noticeable at a first glance, but when recognised, it then has a greater effect on the viewer, forcing them to really focus on the design itself as well as appreciating the thought process behind it.


The second poster I looked at was the ‘Spiderman’ poster. Again, this was rather simple in the overall design as well as use of colour, with the main feature being the cracked glasses. However, all elements used gave a suggestion to what the story was about. I particularly liked that the smash on the glasses was in the shape of a spider’s web. To me, this was suggestive of the film’s plot; implying that the main character (Peter Parker) leaves his old life behind (represented by the discarded glasses), due to the life-changing effects that the spider bite has on him (represented by the smash in the glasses to show the impact that it has had). The contrasting colours of the red background (a strong colour shown throughout the film) and the black glasses draw your attention to them further, allowing you to fully realise the message within the design.


The last poster which I studied was the blank ‘Jurassic Park’ poster, which has had all of its text removed. I found this idea of removing the text from the poster fascinating, as it really highlights the iconic and instantly recognisable design. Its use of bold colours alongside basic shapes creates  a very impressive and impactful overall design. I also found, as a viewer, that it makes you comprehend just how important branding is, as this is what makes it memorable and allows you to recognise what film it is without the text.