Type-04          Type-06

I am very interested in typography; it is amazing the impact and message you can convey through your use of type. Using Adobe Illustrator, I started playing around with type, using one word on each art-board, with its meaning represented graphically.


To begin with, I started with the word ‘Claustrophobia’, a little clichéd admittedly, but it was a good starting point to get me thinking. Each letter is stretched and pushed against the other to give the impression that it is being squashed/confined, to convey that feeling of claustrophobia itself.


After this, I attempted the word ‘Greed’, with the ‘G’ larger than all the other letters, which contains the remaining letters within it as though they had been consumed by the ‘G’. I felt this conveyed the meaning well as it suggests the power of greed, with all of the other letters trapped inside of it.



I actually found coming up with words to use was a really difficult bit of this task, but once I had started, the easier it got. The next word was ‘Droste’. During my project on trick photography, the Droste effect was something I studied. It is when the original image of what you’re looking at repeatedly appears within the image. I wanted to try and implement this effect onto the word ‘Droste’ itself, where I repeated the letters of the word within each one. Obviously, some of the letters were not applicable for this idea, but where it was possible, I have carried out the effect. I practised, initially, just on the letter ‘D’  (which you can see at the top of this page) to see if it would work, and when proving successful, I then attempted the whole word. Overall, I think it worked well, as the result both conveys the message, as well as seeming to possibly create a new font – with this is mind, I might attempt applying the same effect to the other letters in the alphabet soon.


I then looked at layering words and letters upon each other to convey the meaning of the main word, and from this, I created the two pieces you can see above.

With ‘self-worth’, I used different words behind the subject, which highlights the various aspects a person can lack when they don’t value themselves enough. The main subject is in a different font and colour to make it stand out and emphasise it’s meaning and importance; the words behind it are either in a contrasting or less prominent colour to add to this as well. The second piece is a slightly simpler one with the words in the background either reading the same as the foreground, or ‘help me’ or ‘lost’. I didn’t use as many words this time, as I felt what I have used was enough to convey the message. All of the letters in the background are out of regular formation to help contribute to this idea of losing control when feeling overwhelmed. ‘Help me’ and ‘Lost’ are in a slightly darker colour, but still faded to an extent, than the rest of the letters to show these are key feelings associated with being overwhelmed and how they are sometimes not noticed or heard by others, but are still there nonetheless. Then you have the primary subject, ‘Overwhelmed’ itself, all in black and in regular formation to show how it ‘overwhelms’ all other things.

Type-02This was the final piece I came up with. I thought it was quite simple but very effective. I used the majority of space on the art-board, as I felt the statement needed to be simple and dominant. True to the piece, I won’t say much on this, as I feel it can convey everything about it all on it’s own.