Trick Photography

I have decided to use this section to showcase my final piece for this aspect of my A-Level project, as well as provide an insight into the way in which I work and my thought process behind it.

When I started studying ‘Trick Photography’, the first thing I did was my title page. With this page, I wanted to convey the subject itself, as well as the nature in which I would approach it. With this in mind, I began my mind map of ideas, and it was from this and a few rough sketches that I came up with the card trick idea, which was to write each letter out as though it was a playing card. I felt this was quite a fun way present it, and this is what I wanted to get across, as I knew with the experiments within the project it would be quite a fun and exciting one. I then made a plan of how this was going to look on the page, and after sketching out my ideas. I decided to have the letters in a traditional font, as I felt it was most appropriate and that they would be painted red. Red seemed like the best choice as it is an iconic colour within cards and would contrast well with the black background. To present the cards, I decided to scatter them across the page as this fit best, and it looked as though they were being shuffled for a card trick.

Like with the ‘Trick Photography’ title, I used the same process when I shifted the project to ‘Distortion’ and had to come up with a way to present it. I mind-mapped the various ideas I had, and ended up choosing to write the word out in a large, patterned font which I could then distort. I purposely chose this ornate font, as I knew there would be more to work with this way. As shown in my plans, I presented it by having the end letters stretched inwards by their bottom corners by two hands. This too conveyed my message well, as it emphasised the idea of forced distortion, and the printed hands (linking to the photography aspect of the project), contrasted well with the hand-written font.

IMG_4806 copy

 img047 img048IMG_4816copy

img049 img050

As I mentioned, I became very interested in distorting viewpoints and my final piece is all about that. Inspired by Lucas Simões  curved paper sculptures, I chose to present a panoramic view of the Guildhall in Northampton, by wrapping fragments of the images around cardboard tubes. I then glued all the tubes together in a curve and placed it on a sheet of glass to distort the viewpoint further, and then photographed it. In the photos displayed below you can see the sculpture both on the mirror as well as on it’s own, on a glossy sheet.



_DSC6362 _DSC6367 _DSC6387 _DSC6389

DSC_0773 DSC_0769