Inspired by industrial designer, Ron Arad and his work ‘Even the Odd Balls?’, I became more interested in the use of mirror, reflection and geometric shapes. So I created this series of photos, in which I have incorporated either a sheet of mirrored plastic with regulated holes cut out, or using the mirrored circles, which were cut from the sheet. With the large mirrored sheet I hoped to alter your view of the scene, completely changing what your eyes would normally be drawn to if the sheet was not there. Regardless of which aspect of mirror I was using, I decided to centre my photos around nature as I found that they created some really unusual reflections, particularly in the case of the flowers, where their beauty and vibrancy, contrasting with the earthy colours, made their reflections stand out further. Moreover, I found that the mirror allows you to glimpse a different component of the scene altogether, making you consider what lies outside the main focus of the photograph.

These were my results:

IMG_1483 IMG_1498  IMG_1514 IMG_2554

IMG_2565 IMG_1508IMG_2609IMG_1517