Flowers have always interested me; there is so much that you can do with them, and I thought that I would look at this further, by studying them in different situations. On this page I have described my three favourite series of this study.

Firstly, I created my ‘Frozen Flower’ series, in which I collected a variety of flowers, and froze them in tubs of water overnight. The following day, I removed the blocks of ice from their containers and took each of them outside as I thought it would be more interesting to photograph them in their natural environment. The first thing I did here, was smash up each block into fragments with a hammer. The results were beautiful – each fraction of the flower perfectly preserved. I managed to get quite a lot of photos here, and my favourites are displayed amongst the others below.

The second series of photos were the ‘Paint and Watercolour Splattered Flowers’. In the majority of the photos, I have used contrasting paint colours to the colours of the flowers themselves which really capture their beauty and intricacies well. However, I also attempted within the water-colour splattered flowers, to try and use similar colours that appear within the flower. The only flower I attempted this with, was the red and yellow tulip, in which I used red and green watercolour, the green was suggestive of the stem and the red from the colour of the petals. Like the paint-splattered flowers, this worked really well, and in this case, it looked as though the colours were bursting out from the flower.

There are quite a mix of photos in the Splattered Flowers series, but I am very pleased with the range of them.

The last series I have chosen from my flower study were the Floating Flowers, in which I cut the heads from flowers and placed them in a clear tank of water. I took the tank outside, as the sunny weather provided excellent lighting and brought out their colours and reflections. From either above, or looking through the side the tank, I captured some really unusual photos. My purpose with these was again looking and the life and beauty of the flowers, where here, although having cut the heads from their stems, the flowers still live in the light and the water, where they flourish. I love how vibrant the flowers have come out, as well as the beautiful effect the flowers have as they sit on the water.

You can see all of the flower photographs below:

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