Recently this year, I created my own stop-motion animation after being given a briefing as to what is involved with creating an animation, by a professional animator from Animation Nation. I first set up my camera on a tripod at a specific angle in order to maintain consistency throughout my animation, as well as using a wired shutter release to take my photographs, so that there was less risk of me altering the position of the camera. I decided that I would use only marbles to create my animation. I wanted to use them to convey movement and pattern to music. So as to enhance the swirls of colour within the marbles, I attached a light ring to my camera, which I found did present the marbles in a more flattering light. I began with the simple patterns, adding one marble at a time, taking a photo in between each one. After carrying out a number of these patterns, I decided to make the movement of the marbles a little more exciting by having them spin and move around freely with no set pattern – this worked really well once I had put the animation together. I maintained this method throughout the process, and did at one point change the angle of the camera to create a new viewpoint and point of interest within the animation. I then uploaded all of my photos onto iStopMotion and ordered them into the sections of my animation. Once I had done this, I exported it and opened it in iMovie. This is where I added the music I had found prior to the exportion of the video, ‘Pumpin Blood’ by NONONO, and edited it for a final time. It was here that I actually reversed the video and added it in after the completion of the clip in forward motion so that you could see the progression of the marbles and then watch them disappear, this made the ending seem more final, and it worked really well.

Overall, I am really pleased with the animation, especially considering this is the first one I have made, and you can watch it below.